Our main business line is exportation of Charcoal. We handle our export transactions expertly and under the ambits of the governing laws. We are conscious of timely delivery; we have a proficient team of forwarding agents. We also maintain a very cordial relationship with all major shipping lines. Having exported to Europe, Asia, Middle-east, America and Africa, we can indeed say we have a global reach and apply a global approach to our export processes.


With a growing fleet of well-maintained trucks, we are able to meet our needs and also extend our haulage/trucking services to meet demands of teeming clients.
Our haulage service is available throughout the country and includes light and heavy weight haulage up to 35 tons. We can carry containerized goods to and fro the seaports or without container within the city and country. We can partake regular contracts and one-off undertaken. We have well trained, fully qualified drivers and logistics staff and we cater adequately for their welfare.

Packing and Warehousing

Due to our strategic product handling facilities, we are able to store and manage large quantity of products, arrange, package for onward movement to the ports.

Equipment Leasing

We have in stock a variety of industrial and transport equipment available for lease; like truck trailer beds, HIAB, fork-lifts, cement mixers, pay loaders, cranes.